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If you've come here by a chance and if you don't know anything about the Unnamed hero, you're maybe interested in some information a few lines under. In other case don't read it and follow to the ...

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About this site

This site is, say, the official site of the Unnamed hero comic strip. Official because it's founded and updated by the comic's author. And why doesn't the word "official" seem feasible to me? Well, probably because i don't see the comic itself too "official" ...
It's been quite a time I wanted to make a site dedicated purely to the Unnamed hero, to make him a worthy place on the internet ... or maybe because I wanted to find out, how many people read the comic :D
(And excuse my bad English :o) )

About the Unnamed Hero

The comic strip about the Unnamed hero arose probably in September 2007, when in a seizure of creativity, I've drawn first three episodes, uploaded them to picasa and announced them on my blog (in Czech only), where also other episodes are announced. Issues of the comic are sporadic, random and come out in long intervals. So if you want to see new episodes as soon as possible, you should keep an eye on my blog (probably through RSS).

About the author

My name is Jakub Maruš, I'm Czech. My nickname used on the internet is boubaque. I'm not quite sure what to write here - who knows me doesn't need the information, and who doesn't know me doesn't need it. You most likely won't find much of my work on the internet ... the only outstanding exception may be my long-time contribution to a satirical website Vesjolyje Kartinki (or Humor without insults and vice versa) (in Czech only again), now regrettably abandoned.

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